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Why Eastcoast Network Partner

Knowing from experience there are two mayor disadvantages of being your own.

You are alone and very seldom you have time to educate yourself. The purpose of Eastcoast Network Partner is to overcome these disadvantages. 

Eastcoast Network Partner connect small consultancy companies and enable continuous training in a cost-effective way and can contribute to quality in life.

Joining the Network

Eastcoast Network Partner are active in following knowledge areas:

  • Strategic Sourcing.
  • Contract Manager.
  • Project Manager. 

Are you active in one or several of these knowledge areas, run your own legal entity (1-5 senior consultants) and understand the benefit of growing together (life is to short not have fun, right)?

Welcome to join Eastcoast Network Partner.

There are NO obligations connected to joining the network. 

Share cost

Eastcoast Network Partners purpose is not to make profit but to create cost effective training and networking activities for its Network Partners. 

All activities are delivered at cost only including a small margin to manage the cost associated with running a legal entity.

The value is created by building the Network Partners skills and contact network. The benefit will materialize in the legal entity of each Network Partner.

Introducing the founders

Eastcoast Network Partner AB was founded Jan 01, 2021 by 6 experienced consultants located in and around Norrkoping, Sweden.

The company was founded with the purpose to build a strong network.

The Founders had learned that, after running their small consultancy firms for several years, it also good to belong to a team but without giving up the freedom associated with running your own business.


Eastcoast Network Partner AB provide mentorship as part of the 10 week Basic Procurement training provided by Utbildning Inköp